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This is the core team that is helping me to summit Everest!

Photographer, musher, outdoorsman, ballroom dancer, technogeek, tattooed biker and Chief Innovation Officer - Afflo Transplant Solutions WeCor works on the investigation of the human condition, the manifestations of violence and development of pedagogies for the construction of well-being relationships at intra, inter and transpersonal levels. To this end, they offer therapy, consulting and training in comprehensive, successful and high-performance relationships in multiple areas, both for individuals, groups and leaders of associations, unions and companies. Helping Icons build consistency, discipline and grit since 2011
Voted Top Trainer in Canada 2016
Co-creator of first-ever Sensory Deprivation Endurance Race
PN 1, Art of Breath, DTS, FMA, Soft Tissue Release, Fasting
Mountain Guide and Climbing Guide.
5x Mount Everest Summiter
Nepali government certified climbing & trekking guide license N. 14383

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