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Oct 28, 2023 Jenny and Heart have successfully summitted Ama Dablam! Pictures and a podcast interview to follow soon, so stay tuned!
Oct 9, 2023 I am on my way to Nepal to do practice climbs on Island Peak (6165m) and Ama Dablam (6812m)
Afflo Transplant Solutions - Innovation Summit 2023 - Keynote Presentation has been posted here!
Sept 27, 2023 Team page added to web site here!
Sept 7, 2023 Spanish version of EwH web site translated and posted here!
Sept 6, 2023 New Instagram video posted: How Do I Prepare For Everest?
Sept 2, 2023 New EwH Learnings: Beginnings post on Instagram!
August 30, 2023 My new Instagram video, announcing the Everest with Heart project, was just posted. Check it out here!
August 27, 2023 Got sick for a bit, so updates were a bit tardy, but now I'm recovered. I've joined a gym and hired a personal traininer to get me ready for the climb. This first week is going to be tough!
August 13, 2023 I'm off to Vancouver, British Columbia today. Closer to the Rocky Mountains, which should help me start mountain fitness training in earnest!
August 11, 2023 EwH web site SSL certificate installed, which should prevent security warnings for first time visitors
August 8, 2023 Keynote/Inspirational Speaker at the Afflo Transplant Solutions Innovation Summit
First public announcement/unveiling of the Everest with Heart campaign
August 7, 2023 Revised Everest with Heart web site and Go Fund Me campaign go live!.
July 30, 2023 Landed in Toronto, Canada. First time back in Canada since the start of the pandemic. I'm excited to come back and will be making this my primary base of operations for the Everest with Heart campaign.
July 29, 2023 My Everest with Heart web site has been expanded.
July 25, 2023 Everest with Heart video posted on Instagram. Check it out!

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